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Global Executive Couriers - Advertising Services

MESSAGE: Corporate, discreet and upmarket distribution of your promotional advertising

Dear Marketing Manager/ Owner

Business is hurting. That’s no news to anyone. If you have special promotional advertising you’d like to reach your target audience with, Global Executive Couriers can help.

Global Executive Couriers has been in the distribution business for more than 40 years, distributing flyers, posters, brochures, magazines, and the like to targeted markets throughout the five boroughs and the greater Manhattan area. We handle all types of grassroots distribution:

• Flyers
• Posters
• Window Cards
• Take-One’s
• Magazines
• Newspapers
• Brochures
• Branded marketing items
…And more

We are experienced in placing promotional advertising items in a number of locations, depending on our client's needs, including:

• Hand to hand
• Tourist locations
• In office buildings
• In residential buildings
• On the campuses of schools and universities
...And so on

For your organization, we would specifically target conventions, meetings and expos, and the theatre district, including Duffy Square and other tourist locations.

Previous clients include:

PR Firms

• Virginia Giordano Productions
• Serino-Coyne
• Flower Publications
…Among others

Broadway and Off-Broadway Shows

• Streetcar Symphony
• Bring on the Noise, Bring on the Funk
• The Piano Lesson
• Five Guys Named Moe
…Among others

Newspapers & Magazines

• Newsday
• Earth Times
• Guest Digest
• Brooklyn Bridge
…Among others

Concert Venues

• Madison Square Garden
• Radio City Music Hall
• Governor’s Island
• Manhattan Center
• Beacon Theater
• Symphony Space
• Randall’s Island
• Brooklyn Academy of Art
…Among others

Recently, Global Executive Couriers has created a new social media division. This division will construct web presences such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and blogs for clients across in all industries and we will maintain these sites- which bring countless consumers and audiences to your product, event and business. Crucially, all businesses must have active and engaged web presences. Global Executive Couriers will therefore tailor social media sites and blogs for you.

Global Executive Couriers specializes in strategic distribution, targeting only those markets that our clients wish to reach. We attend and cover approximately thousands conventions, expos, summits, meetings, gatherings, conferences, and events (sports as well as social) a year and our global brand ambassadors can distribute your brochures/product at many of these happenings. Our low introductory rate is $500-$1,000 per thousand flyers to businesses in the New York metropolitan area. Global brand ambassadors have special rate for posters, display boxes, take-one brochures.

Our rates for overseas distribution are $500 per thousand pieces for flyers and business cards and $1,000 per thousand pieces for bulkier marketing items such as catalogs and CD-ROMs, and other branded marketing items.

We, at Global, have created an exciting and eye-catching advertising program, know as the "sleeves program”. The sleeve advertisement involves placement of a company’s logo, film, product or advertisement on sleeves of hot coffee or tea take-away containers. With this program we arrange for tens of thousands of local or national delicatessens and coffee shops and restaurants to have these wrap around sleeves placed or every container that is sold to customers.

Global Executive Couriers offers a service of envelope stuffing for companies that need this done. Rates for this service vary according to the volume of the job. Global Executive Couriers also has a sub-division of the company that offers a part-cash/part-barter and full barter arrangements.

Global Executive Couriers has also created a uniquely created program to assist all of our European clients in London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, and so forth. This program involves distribution directly to principally Americans headed to Europe. We reach these Europe-destined travelers at travel expos, meetings, summits as well as other gatherings. Here, at these gatherings the will receive a packet with discounts and special offerings from hotels, restaurants, shops in European cities. (The aforementioned program has been in operation stateside for two decades.) for this program we charge an affordable $500--$1,000 per thousand pieces--with prices flexibly lower for huge allotments.

In addition to all of this, we have a program of list marketing services, with a focus on university educated students and professional twenty-somethings I’m happy to speak with you further about. Parenthetically, this e-mail list is quite extensive and is exquisitely targeted to whom you should want to reach.

Our advertising teams are dependable, presentable, and professional. And we can be ready to mobilize just as soon as you give the word.

J. Bailey Morgan,

Global Marketing Director



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